*BEST OF DTB #129* The Catholic Defender: The March for life

Posted by John Benko - January 26th, 2012

It was a great honor to be able to participate in the events covering the March for Life in Jefferson City Missouri.

This is our Second annual demonstration leading up to the Jefferson City Capital Building.

Dr. Gregory Thompson picked me up from the St. Louis Airport (Friday afternoon 3:10 P.M.) and from there we went to the Marian Convention where the Archbishop was going to say Mass.

We stayed there until about 1030 P.M after meeting one of Gregory’s friends and members of the Convention.

By the time we arrived home near Humansville it was about 4:00 A.M. It was a great weekend as I was able to visit with both my Brother and our Dad. This was an important leg of the trip.

I went to Mass in Stockton Missouri as was given an opportunity to speak with the Confirmation class. That is always a joy to meet young people on fire for Jesus Christ.

On Monday, it was back to work as there was much to do to prepare for the upcoming events.

It was arranged for me to speak with a young man who was having questions about the faith. This was a nine hour debate and I really enjoyed the opportunity. In the end, he was firm in his resolve to go to Mass.

The bulk of time preceding the rally for Life, was knocking out last minute details.

I was invited to participate with the local RCIA in Marshall Missouri, which was a great blessing.

This year’s keynote speaker for the rally was Ambassador Allen Keys. It was a great honor to have met him as he spoke at the Banquet and fundraiser the night before the March on the Capital Building.

I was seated at his table (deepertruth’s John Benko and I were co-chairs of this table) and had the chance to hear his political views. The following is what writer Carolyn Marshall wrote of Ambassador Keys:

Dr. Keyes’ opening words were sharp: “God is made known by His judgment, and His judgment is upon us!” (viz. 9/11) He asked by how much we need to reduce the number of abortions. . . and the answer is ZERO. But even if the number gets that low, we will still be judged, because our real goal is the salvation of people. He underscored that by saying, “The scourge of abortion will not have ended until we have turned this nation back to God. Judgment is coming; we must say yes to the AUTHORITY OF GOD.” He concluded with saying that we are endowed with certain inalienable rights which are given—not by our President, nor our Constitution, nor our courts—but by GOD.”

All of deepertruth was highly honored that Ambassador Keys appeared on our Friday evening radio show.

I totally surprized John with an imprompt interview which lead to one of our best shows of the year.

Later during this show, I was also honored to introduce Coach Dave Daubenmire. Coach is known for being challenged by the ACLU for praying with his football team.

He was also arrested for trying to bring a glass of water to Terri Schiavo, who was starved to death by the State of Florida. Coach flew to Florida to defend the life of Mrs. Schiavo whose husband wanted her to die.

You can hear the interview with Ambassador Keys and Coach Dave at www.deepertruthblog.com on the show entitled “Deeper Truth Friday Double Header”.

Carolyn Marshall writes of Coach Daubenmire: Coach Daubenmire remonstrated us for loving our lives too much; we are supposed to be the salt of the earth—not the sugar or the honey. We have too great a fear of “offending” while Jesus, our Master, was known as the Rock of Offense.

He further challenged us with Matthew 5:41 (If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles), telling us that we suffer from the “Joe Paterno Syndrome.” God calls us to go above and beyond what the law requires; we must do what is moral, not just what is legal.

Since abortion was made legal in this land, there have been 53 million abortions. But considering all the progeny that would have come from all those abortions, conservatively, we have lost 100 million Americans since the decision of Roe v. Wade.

He closed with a final challenge to live a “second mile” lifestyle, exemplifying Romans 1:16—“For I am not ashamed of the gospel.” I met Coach last year during the Rally for Life as I was a participating speaker.

There was a good crowd of people ranging between 400 to 600 people. The March was lead by the cross carried by a number of people. Ambassador Allen Keys helped led the March carrying the cross. There is a history between Dr. Keys and this cross. Dr. Gregory Thompson and Dr. Keys were both arrested at Notre Dame for standing up for unborn children. This cross led that procession as well.

Another highlight of the March for life was speaker Briget VanMeans, a spokeswoman for ThriVe St. Louis, a proponent for the ultra-sound van.

I was aware of this tool to fight abortion through my friend Eric Genuis, who came to our home in Copperas Cove Texas promoting this very thing.

It is said that between 90-93% of women who see an ultra-sound picture of their baby keep their child.

This is why the Pro-abortionist do not want laws passed to ensure that women see these pictures.

These vans are set up with a team who are qualified to conduct ultra-sound, chart and talk to anyone who are willing for options other than abortion.

Carolyn Marshall writes of Bridget VanMeans:

Bridget, whose single mother miraculously chose not to abort her, is the president of ThriVe St. Louis, which has a mobile ultra-sound van. She urged us to have the boldness which David had before Goliath, when he said in I Samuel 17, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?” As David armed himself with 5 smooth stones, she urged us to have these 5 “stones:” 1. Be KIND. 2. Double down—whatever you’ve been doing for the unborn, do twice as much! 3. Believe God; the Spirit who revived Jesus from the dead is alive in you! 4. Double down in the Word. 5. Tell people about what’s going on in the pro-life movement. In fact, claim “We’re closing Planned Parenthood this year.”

Michael and Kathy Forck were important organizers of the Rally for Life. They are leaders for “40 Days For Life” in Central Missouri.

Gregory Thompson organized a gathering of people interested in deepertruth Apologetics so I was able to speak before a great group of on fire Catholics.

I had one final blessing before I flew off to Texas.

Kathy Forck and about 140 people marched seven times around the Columbia Missouri Planned Parenthood facility where they seek to bring in another abortionist to kill more children.

Let us continue our efforts to put a stop to this massive killing of human life. The following are some pictures that I took of the March For Life at Jefferson City Capital Building.

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*BEST OF DTB #67* We’re Pro-Life, We Don’t Shoot Our Wounded

Posted by John Benko - March 3rd, 2011

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I woke up this morning after having dreamed of an old high school friend I had to drop because she started picking off the men in my life to have sex with. If I was close to them, she’d get closer. I didn’t know it at the time, but her promiscuity was a salve she was applying to a very big wound.
Someone had told her that her greatest attribute was her sexuality. She tested that theory and became pregnant. Her parents, overgrown hippies, helped her to an abortion, then a few more, all the while supporting their daughter’s “choices.” She was buying urine to submit for her drug tests the I last heard from her.
She’s resurfaced in my life to a certain degree, with a child. I’d like to say she’s had a wonderful change and is now a rock solid personality with the drugs and alcohol a thing of the past, but I honestly don’t know. I’ve not initiated contact for various reasons. If my life was open for a transformation, surely hers was, too. I content myself to pray for her when she comes across my radar and I pray for her beautiful child.
Abortion didn’t help my friend. It made her miseries harder to bear. After that first one, she wrote a few poems, took a stuffed animal to help another friend grieve through her abortion, she talked. After the second one, that girl disappeared–the one who could express her emotions and use them to connect with others in any way I understood. In her place was a young woman who would do just about anything to go numb.
We had a lot in common. We both spun out of control in our own way. There was one major difference between us. Growing up, politically I was Pro-Choice and she was not. I was the Pro-Choicer who would never have had an abortion. She didn’t like abortion but had several. Was that the defining difference? I can’t say. What I can say is that she is part of the reason I became Pro-Life later. Some of the conversations we had jarred me in my Pro-Choice rhetoric just enough to nag at me for 20 or so years until I took a second look.
Our friendship didn’t last, but her influence did. She showed me the pain abortion can cause a woman and the havoc the aftermath can wreak in an already complicated life. Hers is one of the many faces I place in the forefront of my mind when I write or speak about abortion, so that I am careful with such painful truths.
In the build-up to the 40 Days for Life, keep my friend in mind when you march, speak, and write. Pray for her. Think about her. Most of all, be careful with her. She may be listening.
The other side shut her down and still says “Get over it” to its victims. We, on the Life side, need to remember that zeal and vehemence are not the same. One is inviting, the other vainglorious. I’ve gotten over-enthusiastic and shut down an opportunity a time or two. It happens. With my dream tonight, God is reminding me why I’m writing, who it hurts, why I must be compassionate, so I’m sharing it with you. Remember that we have Joy, Life, Truth, Reason, and Logic on our side. They can speak for themselves if we let them. We just have to let them.