The Catholic Defender: Call to Arms

Posted by John Benko - August 11th, 2013

This coming Thursday, we will celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary entering Heaven body and soul.

Something we all will eventually see. In respect of the clergy who lead us in our Parishes throughout the land, I am mindful of Pslams 45:17.

It says, “The throne of your fathers your sons will have; you shall make them princes through all the land”.

What an awesome prophecy in relation to Mary, our Spiritual Mother. She is our Queen as it also says in Psalms 45:9,”daughters of kings are among your ladies of honor; at your right hand stands the Queen in gold of Ophir”.

Our Queen wears a crown of twelve stars, “And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothes with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Revelation 12:1).

Revelation 12:17 focuses on the dragons anger towards this woman who then goes off to wage war with the rest of her offspring, “on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea”.

The Children of the Queen are being waged war upon, her “princes through all the land” are under attack as are all the children of God. The Dragon wants to swallow the children of God into the sea of confusion, captive to the way of the world. To drown us in despair.

This is a call to arms for the children of God to pick up the rosary and dedicate everyday the intention of interceding for the “princes through all the land”.

The Dragon is attacking along the sand of the sea. He is wanting to wash the Catholic Church into the sea!

At the foot of the cross we will find our Queen, she is with the Lord in heaven interceding before the Lord for her “princes through the land”.

We must pray as Our Lady asked at Fatima to pray for the Priests who are under a severe and deadly attack.

Padre Pio called the rosary, “The Weapon“!

As Knights who defend the honor of Our Lady, let us stand with her opposing those who are for the destruction of children.

Let us stand with her in the protection of true marriage. Let us stand with her in defending her “princes through the land”.

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The Catholic Defender: Knights in Conflict

Posted by John Benko - August 6th, 2011

Since the early 1980′s I have been a member of the Kinghts of Columbus.

I have been involved with helping create two new Councils, one in Harrison Arkansas and the other at Oak Grove Kentucky.

The Council in Arkansas paid my dues for most of the time I was in the Army as they supported me.

Before I entered in the Army in February 1985, I had been very active in the Knights.

I was involved as the Community Activities Chairman and I was very much involved in getting pornography off the shelves.

We made some real head way in those times as I was able to get x-rated videos and we turned in to the Proceecuting Attorney (then), Gorden Webb.

I was putting together pro-life marches, doing presentations on Rock music, and helped worked with the local bullitin.

I was also part of the 1st degree team.

On August 22, 1984, I was recognized by our local Council as “Knight of the Year”! Walter Israel was the Grand Knight.

When the Church at Oak Grove Kentucky was established, I decided to transfer to the Oak Grove Council to help here.

It wasn’t long before I was involved in helping get this Council up and going.

It was at this time that I became a 4th degree Knight in Clarksville Tennessee. Unfortunately, most of my military service kept me away from being active in the Knights.

I was in Germany for three years, Korea for another year. The Middle East for more than three years and many deployments around the Country.

I started to get back involved when I was stationed in New Orleans, but finally, I have been involved helping our local Council at Fort Hood Texas.

Copperas Cove will be where I will probably settle done eventually as this is my home Parish now.

During this time of nearly 30 years, I have always been proud of being a Knight even when I was not activated due to deployment.

Because of this, I have a strong loyalty for the Knights of Columbus. Events recently is making the news about the leadership of the Knights of Columbus allowing an extreme left wing to remain in the Knights of Columbus.

“In the United States, the Knights of Columbus uphold the Catholic Church’s positions on public policy and social issues. They have adopted resolutions advocating a Culture of Life, defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and promoting Catholic practices in public schools, government, and voluntary organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America. The Order also funded a postcard campaign in 2005 in an attempt to stop the Canadian parliament from legalizing same-sex marriage”.

However, currently, there are a number of “rogue” Knights who have been responsible for supporting Abortion and legalizing Same Sex Marriage.

This is causing some tension among the ranks. I watched the recent Michael Voris episodes of “The Vortex” and he really does a good job in explaining and defining the problem.

On 12 August, 2011, this next coming Friday, deepertruth is going to do a show on this very problem.

I have two 4th degree Knights that will appear on the show who were in Denver this past week.

From their report, they were there with signs showing support for the Knights, their love for the Lord, His Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.

But the Organization of Knights totally disregarded them, didn’t even allow them to participate in the Mass. They did get several thumbs up from some, but over all, they were largely ignored and banned.

Johm, my co-host is also a 4th degree Knight and we all love the Church.

I wish I could talk Michael Voris to reconsider, but he is going to Spain for World Youth Day.

(Editors note) Psalms 78:5-11 states, “God set up a decree in Jacob, established a law in Israel: What he commanded our ancestors, they were to teach their children; That the next generation might come to know, children yet to be born. In turn they were to recite them to their children, that they too might put their trust in God, And not forget the works of God, keeping his commandments. They were not to be like their ancestors, a rebellious and defiant generation, A generation whose heart was not constant, whose spirit was not faithful to God, Like the ranks of the Ephraimite archers, who retreated on the day of battle. They did not keep God’s covenant; they refused to walk by his law. They forgot his works, the wonderous deeds he had shown”.

This is very important as we journey to the next generation. What one generation tolerates the next generation excepts. 2 Chronicles 7:14 still holds true, “and if my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and revive their land”.

It would be nice if Michael Voris could call in from Spain, if he gets the opportunity. I also hope to have a representative of the Knights to be a part of the program that will air this Friday at 6:00 P.M. Eastern, 7:00 Central. I personally hope that we can stop the bleeding and keep the Knights alive for another generation supporting the Catholic Church and the teaching we vow to uphold.

This should be a lively debate but the intent is not to run the Knights down, but to see what can be done to get the Knights back on the right path. For more information click here:

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*BEST OF DTB #54* The Knights of Columbus- the strong right arm.

Posted by John Benko - February 3rd, 2011

My big spiritual brother, the Catholic Defender, is a brother of mine in a different respect. We are brother Knights. In fact, to be specific, we are brother Sir Knights.

A Sir Knight is a knight of the 4th and highest degree. The 4 degrees embody the 4 basic principles of knighthood in our storied order; Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic, Family, Fraternal, Service organization. The Knights are open for membership to any practical Catholic at least 18 years of age.
However, The Knights are committed to the whole family. There are Ladies auxiliaries, Squires and all manner of other ways for the family to participate.

The Knights are what Pope John Paul II called “The strong right arm of the church”.

The Knights pray together, work together, have fun together and serve the Church and the community.

I challenge you to see what the Knights have to offer you. The Knights of Columbus site.

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