The Catholic Defender: The David French Story, His Conversion To The Catholic Faith

Posted by Donald Hartley - May 21st, 2016

David 9I met David French one Sunday Morning at Mass as he and his wonderful family were sitting in the pew right behind me. What really struck me about David was that he could really sing. After Mass, I asked him if he was a convert to the Catholic Faith which at first surprised him. I then (jokingly) told him most Catholics can’t sing like he does. It turns out that David was in fact a convert to the Catholic Faith. David will appear on Deepertruth (5/21/2016) sharing his story of conversion.

David’s parents raised him in a Protestant home where he learned about Jesus. His Father served in the Army (we at Deepertruth want to thank him for his service to our Country) and as a result, like many military families, moved a lot.

David would go to various churches growing up as his Mother ensured that they religiously went to church. It was during these years that David developed a love for music, his senior year he began singing for his high school.

David 6David went to Auburn University majoring in Engineering but his love for singing continued to grow, so did his talent. Something else happened to David while at Auburn University, he found himself interested in the Catholic Faith which led to his conversion. David will share his conversion story, but after college, David continued singing in musical theater.

Today, David works as a software developer for Army Aviation at Red Stone Army Base in Huntsville Alabama, mostly dealing with training devices. That is his work, but his most cherished love is following Jesus Christ in the Catholic Faith and his wonderful family. He will share all of this beginning 20:30 (8:30) Central 5/21/2016 and you can hear it live here or archive following show.

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